We’re getting close – the lights are up and now some final wiring needs to be done, but we should be able to power up the outdoor arena lighting soon!!! It’s taken us a while – first we had to figure out what lights to purchase (wattage, size, number of fixtures), then our new baby, Finn, arrived, then my husband, Don, broke his leg in January. With the mild weather we had during the winter, we thought it would be a piece of cake to get the lights up and running when we weren’t in the thick of show season. That was wishful thinking…

We got so many different pieces of advice from many different sources: friends, electricians, lighting suppliers…. The lights we originally planned to purchase were bright enough for performing open-heart surgery (well, not actually, but close). It was quite an education, with all the research we (Don) did. We wanted something we could jump under without shadows, but not so bright that we interfere with aircraft on approach to Dulles Airport. We also want to be good neighbors and not create something that looks like a football stadium at night.

After finally selecting the lights, the original order arrived incomplete, so we had to wait for a second delivery. Then Don arranged for Miss Utility to come out and mark underground lines, scheduled the arrival of the trencher for laying the new conduit, and borrowed the man-lift from the friend of a friend. After  the multi-step preparation process, Don worked tirelessly – along with some friends and family (thanks Steve, JT, and Poppy!) – and got the lights up over the course of a couple of weeks!

I will have an update for you with a night-time photo as soon as the lights get switched on!

The lights are up and ready for final wiring and testing.




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