Many of our riders take their very first horseback riding lesson from us. Others begin at other riding schools, and move to us for equitation coaching once they want to compete at a higher level. Still others know they need to make the move once they want to own or lease their own horse. We have a strong track record of taking riders from their earliest ride, to the top levels of the sport.

Here are a few of our equitation coaching success examples:

Madison had her first lesson with us at the age of seven. She progressed from our school horses, to her first pony, and then climbed the ranks to national level competition in both the Equitation and Hunters. She was also on the Silver Medal Team for the Zone Children’s Jumper Championship. Her equitation accolades include qualifying for USEF Medal Finals and ASPCA Maclay Finals twice.

Madison is continuing her winning ways as an amateur in International Hunter Derbies and Adult Equitation classes.

We are so proud of Maddie and her progress across these years. Madison’s dedication and hard work has contributed to her success as a college student. It has been our pleasure to contribute to her development.



CharismaKate took her first off-lead lesson with us when she was just six years old. She got her first pony for her seventh birthday, and she quickly showed her tenacity and strong work ethic. Her many years of riding with us brought her much success in both the Jumper and Equitation divisions, incluSun and Kateding VHSA Medal Finals and Junior Jumpers up and down the East Coast. By the time she left for college, we saw her through her first Grand Prix at the age of 17. What an amazing accomplishment, and a testament to her hard work and the outstanding teamwork between Kate, her horse partners, and us!

Kate at the GrandPrix








Glendon began riding at Clairvaux at the age of 11. She had been taking lessons at a local lesson barn and decided to make the switch once she was ready to begin seriously competing. She spent a few months on our horses while she learned the basics of showing, then her parents bought her first horse. Progress came quickly, and Glendon developed into a lovely equitation and hunter rider, qualifying for the VHSA Medal Finals multiple times, on multiple horses, as both a junior and an adult. She went on to win classes in intercollegiate competition for the Virginia Tech Equestrian Team, including the Regional Championship. In the last few years, we have coached her to success in the Amateur Owner Hunters, as well as Adult Equitation classes. We are proud of Glendon’s continued progress as a well-rounded horsewoman and accomplished competitor.

These are just a few examples of our equitation success stories. We have a cadre of riders who are all making a similar journey, whether they started with us or began riding elsewhere. You don’t have to be a junior to ride with us! We simply want to illustrate that when you ride with Clairvaux – if the commitment is present – there’s no limit to where your riding can go! We are committed to taking riders to the next level and helping them develop into strong, confident horsemen (and -women), which crosses over into so many other areas of one’s life.

*In all of these cases, the successes of these young riders would not be possible without the support of their parents. We are so blessed to have involved parents, who know the benefits of riding reach far beyond the athletic endeavor itself. Riding teaches independence, responsibility, grace under pressure, and teamwork. We are honored to be able to pass the traditions of riding and horsemanship to so many riders. We thank everyone we have served and those we continue to serve for their trust in us.

Here are some of our current stars: