I listen to a lot of Podcasts when I’m driving to horse shows or judging jobs. I like to learn, and podcast became a way for me to learn-on-the-go, filling up otherwise empty time I spend driving. Often, when I listen to one podcast, I get turned onto a different one and I end up going down the “rabbit hole” to explore new topics or a new way of thinking about something.

The other day, I listened to a TedTalk by Brene Brown, a researcher and professor at the University of Houston, who studies vulnerability, shame and worthiness. Such interesting topics. Her talk was about vulnerability and she shared her own in such a moving and educational way.

I began to think about how being vulnerable is such an important part of becoming a good rider. Our biggest breakthroughs often come when we are at our lowest point, when we’re frustrated at not acquiring a skill fast enough, or when our timing just isn’t where it needs to be, yet.

Very few are masters in this sport, and the amount that we need to learn to become proficient can seem daunting. Remember, that riding is a life-long journey and we constantly learn from our equine partners, our coaches, our barn-mates and our fellow competitors.

Stay open to the help that is all around you.



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Vulnerability in Your Riding

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