We attended the Washington Bridle Trails Horse Show yesterday. We had a fantastic time. Our riders – Ali Anderson, Glendon Mohan, Julia Rhinehart and Kate Murphy – rode well and the horses were so great. And to top it off, the weather was gorgeous.There are so many things that are left to chance when you go to a horse show. The ring can be spooky, the weather too hot or too cold, or too windy or wet. Maybe the footing isn’t perfect, or the course design is weird or the jumps seem scary. Then you’re stuck just trying to get your horse to go around the course in a calm and confident fashion. When the horses go great, it allows the riders to practice all they’ve been working on. That’s the best kind of showing experience. That’s how it was yesterday. Everyone had a well-mannered horse who was ready for the show ring. And boy, did it pay off!

Julia Rhinehart was the first to show. She is half-leasing Dunny (“Key the Mike”). She earned two third place ribbons in the Pre-Children’s Hunter division. Then she placed fourth in a very competitive Pre-Children’s Horse/Pony/Pre-Adult Equitation Flat, and then third in the Pre-Children’s Medal. Great job! This was Julia’s and Dunny’s second show together and they were “clicking” well.

Next, Ali Anderson rode Zenith in the Children’s Hunter division (which was combined with the Adult Amateur Hunters ). Ali rocked both her jumping rounds and won the first class! She was third in the second round, and placed fifth in the under saddle. Ali also rode well in the two equitation classes after that and earned ribbons in both. I was doubly impressed, since she was able to lay down such great trips while feeling a bit under the weather. Awesome!

Glendon Mohan and Kate Murphy rode in the Junior Hunters, the VHSA Equitation on the Flat and the VHSA Junior Hunt Seat Medal. Kate and Glendon traded victories in the Junior Hunter, with Kate and Charisma earning Champion and Glendon and Ayrton finishing as Reserve Champion in the Juniors. Kate placed third and Glendon placed fourth in the VHSA Equitation on the Flat and Glendon won the VHSA Junior Hunt Seat Medal, with Kate placing third.

It was a great day! When we were finished showing, I was able to convince Glendon and Kate to stay dressed in their show clothes so we could get a shot of them with the swag. It’s always a great show day when the majority of your ribbons are primary colors!

With all the riders showing at different times of the day, it’s hard to get photos with everyone dressed up, so I try to get good photos whenever I can. To my riders and their supporters, please forward me your photos whenever you can. Whether at home or at a show. Or I can go to Facebook to steal them. πŸ™‚ Thanks to Steve Murphy for the photo below.

Kate and Glendon after a successful WBTA Horse Show
Great Horse Show!

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