What a great show! The weather held up well, it rained a bunch on Friday, but cleared up nicely for the next two days. It was chilly, but decent enough riding weather, with a jacket on.

On Friday afternoon, Alyssa and Kate showed their horses in the 3′ Open Hunter, a schooling division, so they could get their horses accustomed to the coliseum. Shannon showed Bailey in the East Complex in the Hopeful Hunter and won some ribbons. Summer showed a fabulous pony named Brookside Fandance owned by her mom, Jess Sarver of Dragonfly Farm. “Fannie” is just four years old, but she clocked around the 2′ Student Opportunity Hunter like a pro! What a jump on that pony!

That night, we had a Nations Cup Party back at the hotel. With some pizza and other snacks, we happily watched the live feed from Wellington – the nation’s only Nations Cup. Eliza’s dad had brought his projector and Kate’s dad brought his laptop and speakers and we projected the grand prix jumping class up on the wall in one of the hotel rooms. Some “borrowed” chairs from the hotel’s breakfast room and poof! Instant party! What a fun time!

Saturday morning Eliza, Shannon and Summer were set to ride in the .75 Bristol and Schooling Jumper classes. Eliza and Callie jumped clear in both rounds, but had time faults. Next, Summer jockeyed her Brookside Rendezvous around, but had an unfortunate parting of ways through the final combination in the second class. It was an outstanding ride and they were ready to attack the course again the next day. Shannon and Bailey went around great; some time faults kept them out of the ribbons. I was glad our riders took their time around the course; so many riders new to the jumper ring think that riding super-fast is how you’re supposed to go around.

Next Kate and Alyssa rode in the .9 meter Jumpers. Both went around fine, as it was their warm-up for the Oak Ridge Medal. This is a great format where riders work collectively at the walk, trot and canter, showing lengthenings at the trot and canter, as well as counter canter. Then the judge ranks the riders in reverse order of preference and riders return to jump a jumper-style course at 3’3″. Kate placed 5th after having an unfortunate rail down.

Next up, the VHSA Equitation on the Flat, where Kate placed 5th. After that, Alyssa and Kate contested the ASPCA Maclay, in which Alyssa placed third. The Large Junior Hunters were next, and Alyssa and Futuro placed second in their first class. A fifth place ribbon in the second class finished our time in the coliseum for that day.

Shannon wrapped up the day in the East Complex in the Pre-Children’s/Adult Equitation and Hunters. She rode great! The final class was super!

The final day held more jumper classes for Shannon, Eliza and Summer. Eliza placed second in the .75m Schooling Jumper and Shannon was third!!! Summer rode strongly and got Dee Dee around her course confidently. Great job!!!

In the Coliseum, Kate and Alyssa rode in the MHSA Medal, whee Kate placed 4th and Alyssa placed 6th. In the USEF Medal, Kate finished in third place. Alyssa rode some nice rounds on Futuro in the Large Junior Hunters and placed fifth in the Junior Hunter Classic.

Eliza placed sixth in the Children’s Equitation on the Flat and then rode an amazing trip in the Younger Children’s Hunters and placed third! Awesome!

Summer rode nicely in the completion of the Sm/Med Green Pony Hunters and placed well. And Shannon rode for the wrap and did a great job in the Special Adult Equitation and Hunters, placing 5th in the Eq, and 5th and 8th in the Hunters.

It was a great weekend: we had a lot of fun and the horses were great. We’re so excited for the rest of the 2012 show season!

Virginia Intermont Classic, March 1-3

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