It’s been a busy autumn here at Clairvaux:

In-House Schooling Shows
In October, we kicked off the first ever in-barn horse show. One weekend, we had two different shows on the calendar, only to have them cancelled due to the huge amount of rain. So rather than sit around pining for better weather, we decided to host a show for ourselves. It was a jumper show, and we had nine participants. We started at 2′, with three courses per division and finished at 3′. It was a blast, complete with corny prizes (mini magic eight balls, anyone?). Part horse show, part clinic, it was a huge success! This month, we had 19 riders take part in our in-house hunter/equitation show. This was a great chance for novice riders to see what showing is all about, and a chance for those ready to move up to try their hand at higher jump heights.

WIHS Regional and Zone Finals
Congrats to Kate Murphy and Sun, who placed seventh in the High Children’s Jumper Zone Finals! Jenn Smith also showed her Luck of the Draw in the Modified Adult Hunter, and put in some nice rounds.

Washington International Horse Show
Twenty-six Clairvaux riders (and parents) attended WIHS’s Barn Night. Decked out in navy Clairvaux shirts with bright red pants, we all enjoyed cheering on top riders from around the country, as well as the Shetland Pony races! Many thanks to Denise Mohler for doing a beautiful job on the banner, and to Carolyn Campbell for creating an amazing video. To see Carolyn’s video, please click on this link:


Recent Shows and Other Updates

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