We had another in-house horse show and it was a packed house! Riders of all ages and abilities came out to participate in an informal show/clinic. Riders learned courses, how to ride a flat class, tried higher jump heights and got feedback on their performances – all while having a great time!

Loch Moy Starter Horse Trials
We had seven riders contest the horse trials at Loch Moy in Maryland. Kate Murphy won her division of Junior Elementary with Sun with a 16.5! (Lower scores are better in eventing). Julia Rhinehart placed third in Junior Elementary (with a great score and double clear). Alexandra Gil finished in fifth place in the her division of Elementary with Randi. Shannon deWit and Milo placed fifth in their division of Elementary. Carolyn Campbell and KC placed seventh in Introductory. Holleigh Arledge and Kid were double clear in their Junior Elementary Division, and Joanna Hagen and Gracie put in a solid performance in the Beginner Novice Division (jumping into the deep end of the pool in their first foray into eventing!). It was a blast! Congrats to everyone!

Recent Fox Hunting Adventures
Many of you know that Shannon has become an avid fox hunter when she’s not showing with Clairvaux. After hearing many descriptions of fun, fast adventures, several Clairvaux riders have given it a try this season. Clairvaux horse, KC, has proven herself to be adept at hunting: very brave and agile. She’s been out with a few of us – Carolyn, Jenn and me – and she’s been fantastic. Others who have jumped on the hunting bandwagon: Meagan and Shadow, Alexandra and Randi, Julia and Quest, Holleigh and Kid, KD and Hobie, Carolyn and Flash (now sold), and Jenn Smith. It’s been a great chance to test one’s mettle, as we gallop over hill and dale, fording creeks, climbing steep hill sides. We have yet to see an actual fox, but watching the beautiful hounds and the smartly-dressed hunt staff lead us across the rolling hills is an unforgettable sight. It’s a wonderful opportunity to see the amazing Virginia country side that we often forget exists so close to DC. If anyone would like more information about fox hunting (there’s even a local hunt that caters to junior riders), please inquire.

November Update: Horse Shows and Fox Hunting

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