This was one of Arnie’s first jumps. He’s been a superstar from the beginning.
G shows some excellent form over fences
G shows some excellent form over fences






We are getting close! Joanna and I have been working with our mounts, Arnie and “G”, to get them ready for the Thoroughbred Makeover at the end of October in Lexington, Kentucky. The Makeover features nearly 500 Thoroughbred ex-racehorses performing in ten equestrian disciplines who have each received less than a year’s training in a second career. Seventy-seven Off The Track Thoroughbreds (OTTBs) will compete in the Show Hunter section.

Last month, we took both of our “projects” to a show in Warrenton and they were sensational!

“G” is a sweet horse who is very studious. He likes to please and has a great work ethic. At the show, he earned a sixth place ribbon, with trotting the ends of the ring. He was brave and easy to the jumps.

Arnie is super-athletic and game! He jumps great and always comes out ready to do anything. This was his very first show, and he was a gentleman. He showed awesome form over the jumps and he hacked well.

Both horses received a ton of complements. Their great personalities and fantastic jumping abilities showed well, and both made me incredibly proud.

Last week, we brought them to a nearby farm for some additional schooling time. Thank goodness, since we had planned to show this weekend, but we got rained out. We’re planning to take them to another show this month to round out their training prior to showcasing their talents in Kentucky.

On Tuesday, October 25th, we will leave for the Makeover. We will provide updates while we are there via the Clairvaux Facebook page. Stay tuned!

Thoroughbred Makeover: Great Strides

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