The last two weeks have been crazy. I have a bunch of clients looking for horses to purchase (yay!), so I’ve been running around Virginia and Maryland trying horses of varying sizes, abilities and levels of experience. Last Thursday, we left with seven horses for the Hollins Spring Welcome Horse Show in Lexington. We returned on Sunday night, after a triumphant weekend of showing. Then I got sick…and threw my back out. And I still have a bunch of horses to try and to show to clients. I was laid out on Monday, and then starting Tuesday, I have horses to try (by myself or with customers) each day until Sunday.

Needless to say, I haven’t had much time for G. The great news is that some of my college-age students are home on spring break. In addition, a very sweet, hard-working and reliable girl whom I’ve hired for horse shows called and asked if I had anything to ride. I sure do! So while I have been somewhat absent from the barn (Joanna is here as always, making sure everything is running smoothly), G has stayed in some steady work. The nice thing is that G is so quiet and agreeable, I am so thrilled that I can already put other riders on him. I’m also glad that I have others who can help me keep him in work, since I don’t want him idling as a pasture ornament. It really does take a village sometimes.

It’s so nice that others can easily ride G. The horses I bring in as prospects all eventually have to earn their keep. I have a couple of older ponies that may or may not pay their way by teaching lessons, but for the most part, the goal is to have these new horses ultimately be able to be ridden by our students. So the fact that G is relaxed and happy with others on him is great.

Joanna is continuing the slow and steady work with Arnie. He’s a green-bean four year old, so he’s a bit all over the place. Straightness is a priority for now. We don’t want to rush him. I’d still like to find one more horse for the program, so we can take our time. If Arnie isn’t ready for the program, that’s fine. I like him well enough. He’s attractive and sweet natured, plus he’s super-athletic, so he’ll come into his own when he’s ready. If it works in time for the RRP final, great. If not, I’d like to have another option for Joanna. So we’re keeping our eye out for another one.

As for my sister’s horse, Briggs, he’s coming along well. He’s been agreeable about everything. We’re working on getting him to stand more quietly while mounting, and making sure he’s ready for my sister to take him at the end of the month. Our mission was to make sure he is safe for her to work with on her own, at a barn closer to her house. I really think they’ll be fine. Briggs is a good egg. Quiet, with a beautiful, slow-going canter. He has some limitations as a show horse, but I think he’ll be great for Kim, fulfilling her need to be in the saddle more. You can read more about her work with him on her own blog:

With the beautiful weather yesterday, Glendon and Ali cooled the horses out by riding outside of the ring. Briggs was on alert, and G was very cool about the whole thing. They need more time to go out, but it was a successful foray. Here’s a picture:


RRP Thoroughbred Makeover: It Takes a Village

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