Check it out! The USHJA Educator’s and Parent’s Guide to Riding has been posted to the USHJA website. I am a member of the USHJA Youth Committee, and my subcommittee was charged with composing this guide. It was a pleasure to write the copy for the guide, as well as speaking with key horse industry players to obtain quotes.

This is a great tool for parents to use when discussing competition schedules with schools. Since riding is not often a school sport, it is sometimes difficult to explain the time commitment involved in competitive riding. This guide is a way to open the dialogue between teachers, school administrators, parents and teachers to forge better communication and collaboration.

You can download the guide and print it at home, or you can contact the USHJA to have a high-quality copy printed and mailed to you. Here’s the link: USHJA Educator’s and Parent’s Guide to Riding

It's Live! USHJA Parent's Guide

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