What a year it’s been! I’m visiting my parents this week and have been thinking about all the things I’m thankful for. We added a new member of the family, our daughter Veronica, for whom we are truly grateful. In addition, I am thankful for such wonderful clients. We’ve had a great year – terrific progress, excellent ribbons, new horses and improved facility. Here are some highlights:

– Congratulations to Elizabeth Parent and her pony Rockstar, Grand Champion in the Local Pony Hunter at the Washington International Horse Show. Elizabeth and Rockstar were Small Pony Hunter Champion at the Washington Regional Show and then went on to win overall Champion at the Verizon Center in downtown D.C. the following weekend. It was an amazing, fun and THRILLING event and we were happy to have some many members of our barn family there to cheer on Elizabeth and Rockstar.

– Congratulations to Eliza Caprio and Ali Anderson on their new horses. What sweet, talented horses and both have seen great measures of success with their new mounts.

– Welcome Kaela Harvey and Cosmopolitan! We welcome you to our barn family.

– The Parent Family graciously redecorated and furnished our lounge. It is soooo beautiful now! Thank you to Carolyn and Lou, and Sue Jones for the tables, the couch and rug, the curtains, the refrigerator…. the list goes on and on! We really appreciate your generosity!

– Our barn work day in September resulted in some great improvements! Painted fence, rebuilt wooden pillars on one of our barns, repaired fencing, power-washed paths, and freshly weeded and re-planted flower beds all refreshed our facility. What a nice look!

– Don installed new fencing so we have a great new pasture! Now a group of clients’ ponies have some beautiful lush grass to munch on.

– We put down a dust-control product on our indoor arena, so we won’t need to water it. The horses, riders and spectators are all more content, especially as we move into colder weather months.

– Our chickens have started to lay eggs! Don and I support local agriculture and try to minimize our carbon footprint, so we thought keeping our own chickens for the eggs would be a great way to eat healthy and local. The eggs are eggcellent and the chickens add a country farm charm.

What a tremendous year it’s been. We are so thankful for our wonderful, loyal clients. It is our pleasure to work with other great horse professionals (vets, farriers, feed and hay providers), while helping our clients learn and progress with their horses. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving!

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